Monday, 18 July 2011

L.O.A ; The Power Of Belief

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L.o.a ; the easiest way has helped me a lot !
I've been sharing with my frens and we've been using it !
Other than the daily affirmations to chase away cars , traffic jams etc ;
We attracted so much !
One of my frens , attracted back a gurl which broke up with him , just by using Ho'oponopono !

And i always wanted a macbook , and i posted a affirmation on my facebook wall , guess wat ? it came true ! it was within the time limit which i given myself(one week) ; it was virtually the same model i had wanted and looked at when i did my affirmation and post it onto facebook !

L.O.A & the easiest way is really really great !
There's just so much stories i would like to share with you !
from frens , to teamates , to attracting wealth , abundance etc !
all i can tell you , that as long as you believe , it conceives !

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