Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Welcome (Remixed Verson)

Hello everyone,

Seeing as we have had a couple of new talks by Mr Karthigesu and a couple of new participants, I thought I would revamp the Introduction section.

Its a detailed walkthrough on how to use the blog and post your own Law of Attraction stories. To make it easier on everyone who have found it kind of confusing before.

Alright here we go!

1) To receive constant updates of new postings on the blog, look to the sidebar on the right and key in your email in FOLLOW BY EMAIL

Follow the process accordingly and verify the email that will be sent to your email inbox to always be on top of new updates.

2) If you read a post, and would like to COMMENT. Scroll down to the bottom of the post and click comments

Which will open up a section like so

Write in your comment and click select profile to log in with your personal account to publish it under your name

3) If you would like to POST something. Go to the upper right hand corner and click sign in.

You will then be redirected to this page

Key in the following log in details
Email :
Password: iamabundant

You will then be brought to this page, where you click new post

Which brings you to the page where you write your post.

Share your LOA story and click publish to post it up. Also do remember to put your name at the bottom of the post, so we know who wrote it! :)

Happy Posting guys and I wish you all abundance.



  1. I'm truly amazed with the simple steps that everyone can use daily to attract Health, Wealth & Abundance into one's life

  2. Thank u to Karthi tha had present such a wonderful idea. I really appreciate it because he make it a simple way for us to apply on all the needs that we want (health, wealth n abundance) it's awesome!! :)

  3. Really a inspiring seminar....
    Just said the Ho'Oponopono 3 times and went to the specs shop....Got to repair Bala's glasses for free...amazing....abundance...
    Thanks Mr Karthi...

  4. Its really amazing seminar. I'm so thankful to God and universe as i learned much more important tools which can subsequently change my entire life for the next 2-5years. Thanks to Mr.Karthi

  5. It is really an eye-opener for me, to look at things in more sunny ways and attract more happiness around me. I'm already experiencing positive vibes around me this 2days, thanks to the knowledge I gained through this event. =) I'm excited and happy to live this life, ready to inspire others by sharing my positive vibes to them.

  6. Ho'Oponopono "I'm sorry, I love you, Please forgive me, Thank you" ~ Just say this as much as possible...Positive affirmations will always results to positive outcome :-)

  7. Param & Iswary :
    We've glad to attend 'The Easiest Way'. Found out we actually have full control of our life; when we have the belief that abundance & awesome days are ahead of us. Had great session and positive vibration.
    Thank you so much, Mr. Karthi & Ms. Shoba

  8. Just say all the positive affirmation!!!it works for my family and children enjoy saying it now..they won all the competition they participate last weekend...amazing right!!!They would like to thank Uncle Karthi to show us the "Easiest way"...