Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Hi everyone,

Ever since the Easiest Way talk and a practice of all the tools given, I have noticed a lot of abundances in my life.

I have been receiving FREE facial offers, FREE body massages and FREE body scrubs. Even FREE skincare products.
These were things that I have always wanted to go for but I have always stopped myself due to worry about money or money constraints.

And when I was clear and attracting, they all came FREE.

In fact, when I was actually doing the exercise about thinking what to do with RM100. I got an extra RM100 that day itself.

I even asked my daughter, what she would do with an extra RM100. And she said she wanted more than RM100!
And that day when we got back from a birthday celebration, my husband mentioned that he had kept aside an envelope with RM400 in it for my daughter. That was definitely more than RM100!

The birthday celebration was my birthday celebration. And it was the first time my son had treated me. What an abundance!

Besides that, for a very long time I have been unsure about the car I would like to have. It was either between a Volkswagen Golf and Ford Fiesta.
Ever since the talk, I have been noticing that the two cars seem to be constantly appearing either on the road or on a billboard. They are everywhere!

Written by Sawithri.

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